Tiger Moth ZK-ALJ

Pilot licence type / hours CPL, 320 h Hours on type 40 h Injuries Nil Damage Minor The pilot reported that while taxiing back after landing he failed to see an anemometer pole in his path. The aircraft struck the … Continue reading

Gipsy Moth ZK-AEJ

Pilot licence type / hours ATPL, 14’000 h Hours on type 250 h Injuries Nil Damage Substantial The pilot elected to land on the sealed portion of a runway which has a distinct camber on it. On touch-down, in a … Continue reading

Tiger Moth ZK-BGP

Pilot licence type / hours PPL, 500 h Hours on type 33 h Injuries 2 fatal Damage Destroyed Tiger BGP was flown into a moderately strong headwind alongside an excursion train travelling above a river gorge. Ground speed in this … Continue reading