Tiger Rag February 2016

AGM Dannevirke 4th-6th March, The Walsh 50th, Tamarunui Spring Fly In October 2015, On the way to Woburn Abby 2015, Rules of the Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand Incorporated.

Tiger Rag Feb 2016

Anzac Fly Past

3 Tigers spotted on a very windy day at Anzac Commemorations in Wanaka 2015.

Tigers Wanaka 6 Tigers Wanaka 5 Tigers Wanaka 4

Another Dimension

Not exactly Tiger Moth news but may interest some.

Our president Jim Lawson had a recent visit to the USA for family reasons but took advantage of being close to a famous aircraft – here are the photos.

Don’t think they need any explanation.

P1000311-small P1000309-small P1000308-small P1000296-small P1000292-small P1000282-small P1000280-small P1000277-small P1000276-small P1000275-small P1000273-small P1000271-small