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CAA Changes to Maint. / Oil Analysis Programme
(Robin Campbell)

Engine Escalation Programme
(Robin Campbell)

List of Technical News Sheets
(DH Support)

Index of modifications DH82
(DH Support)

Martin Burdan’s Tiger Moth Type Conversion Syllabus
The ultimate pilots notes, not only for type conversions. Newly updated.<br>Written by Masterton flight instructor Martin Burdan. Brilliant!

Tiger Moth Handling Notes
General handling notes by David Phillips.

Spin Program hand-out
Spin Training Programme pamphlet (NZCAA with the Tiger Moth Club).

Aerobatics Guide
Excellent stuff by expert Tiger Moth aerobatics and display pilot David Phillips

Slipping/Seeking the surly bonds
Martin Burdan expanding on the never-ending theme of taking off and landing Tigers.

Plane Across The Grain
A Tiger Rag article on crosswind and Tigers, by Martin Burdan.

Shutting Down the Gipsy Major
An article by Martin Burdan which appeared in The Moth Enterprise 105.

Starting Gipsy Majors
A Tiger Rag article about hand swinging Gipsy Major engines by John King.