Taumarunui update

Fifteen years ago, at Taumarunui, we celebrated the birthdays of the above, our favourite aeroplanes, so it is fitting that we do the same again this year. As a reminder, the first flight of the Tiger Moth was on the 26th of October 1931 and the first flight of the Chipmunk was on the 22nd of May 1946, two very memorable moments in time.
The Taumarunui Team at the Aero Club have invited us back again for our annual spring Fly-in, and I have ordered the weather, so this year I am calling on you all, to make a special effort to get to Taumarunui to commemorate this special event. The dates are from Friday the 14th October through to Sunday the 16th October 2016 and, as in the past, the weekend starts with a barbeque on Friday night, at the Taumarunui High School Hostel. Saturday is the flying competition day, followed by the dinner and prize giving at the Golf Club restaurant and bar. As well as the club competitions, there will be lots of flying and camaraderie, so put the dates on your calendar.
To reserve accommodation at the Hostel, please use the preferred method of contact with Keri Baker at [email protected] Or phone between the hours of 9am-3pm at home, 07 8957837 or between the hours of 3-10pm at the Hostel 07 8956320. Cell. 02040802483.
The Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand is a close knit group of friends, enthusiastic about their passion for flying vintage aircraft. Although, not all of our members fly Tiger Moths and at our meetings we have some very interesting types of aircraft arrive and we even get visits from John Luff in his DH Venom doing an approach and overshoot, to wave the DH flag. I would like to stir up a wee bit of rivalry, here, between Tiger Moth pilots and another popular group of pilots, flying Chipmunks, I am sure that if the latter all came to this meeting, there would be more Chipmunks there than Tiger Moths. So, check your maintenance releases, kick your tyres, rattle your rudders and get
yourselves over to Taumarunui.
Our well seasoned fuel truck driver, Les Marshall, will be on hand to refuel your aircraft with mogas, but bring your own oil. For those who need Avgas, as long as you don’t fly in with a Catalina, we can top you up as well.
For those of you that arrive with caravans or camper vans, you are welcome to park at the aerodrome, if you want to pitch a tent there, you must be keen. Lastly, I extend an invitation to non Tiger Moth Club pilots, to attend, you will be made most welcome, even if your wee wheel is not in the right place. A registration form will accompany this letter, please fill it out as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the caterers.
Jim Lawson. President.

Taumarunui Fly In



We are already planning our fly in for our usual weekend, before Labour Weekend and we want you to know that the Hostel has been booked, the Golf Club dining room has been booked and the caterers have been organised. The weather has also been booked and will be as good as always. On the 22nd May, 1946 the first DHC-1 Chipmunk took to the air, a product of de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. On landing, the test pilot Pat Fillingham told the design team, you have a winner. Production of the Chipmunk was then taken up in the UK and in Portugal, the final total being 1,321 aircraft. The many accolades awarded to this wonderful aeroplane, are too many to mention. Suffice to say, that it is now often referred to, as the poor man’s Spitfire. To commemorate the birth of the de Havilland Chipmunk, the Tiger Moth Club NZ Inc. invite all Chipmunk owners to join us at Taumarunui for our Spring fly in, on the 14th, 15th, 16thOctober 2016. While we have a large contingent of Chipmunks in our Club, we want to include those owners, with Chipmunks, who are not members to come along to this special weekend. Please pass on this invitation to anyone you know.


Online form: https://goo.gl/forms/9Ohzp8vzzuD8pFX82
Printable Form: Taumarunui 2016 Registration

Omaka Aerodrome
Celebrating 70 years of the Chipmunk!
18th-20th November 2016
Contact: Andrew Love
Email: [email protected]

The Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand
Annual Fly In & AGM in conjuction with a Safari.
Omarama Airfield
3rd – 6th March 2017

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